A-MindPack: free download of mind games pack.A-MindPack: free download of mind games pack.
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This software includes five implementations of mind/logic games our company has developed:

Get The Line! (compose a single-coloured lines via moving coloured balls over a board);
Fast Balls (includes three timed games for active logic fanciers);
Crushing Blocks (original game for composing combinations of same-colored balls (like in chess) to pass a stage; stage editor available free);
Color Spreading (it's for skilled strategist; it may look simple, though);
Slide Up! (mix of "Fifteen" and "Colums" games; simple levels are trivial, but if you choose harder, prepare to choose another strategy to win).

The pack has separate tuning panels that allow you to tune your preferences quickly and easily: choose a desired difficulty level, modes and rules of game, tune a hints. You are able to select your favourite background for your game, objects you play (instead of a typical balls), and other game's elements. A-MindPack is accompanied with extended set of quality MIDI melodies (30 files). It allows you being a highly relaxed and getting enjoyment at will. Certainly, you are able to manage completely a list of melodies, as well using your favourite ones.

Every game has own highscore charts detailed by players' names, scores, difficulty levels, game modes, time etc. Also you may find attactive a sending of your results to our website to compete with other players.

Have an excellent time with this entertainment package!

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